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trash dumpster
Dumpster Diving – Why would a library rather throw books in the trash than give them away?

I’ve never checked out a library dumpster before, but yesterday I did and it was truly dive-worthy.

Inside the dumpster were hundreds of books in perfect condition! There was no dumpster slime or gross-out trash, so I went in and rescued two big bags of books. I’m planning on going back for more to post on

But, it saddens me to think that a library would rather throw books in the trash than give them away. I go to this library once a week and have never seen them advertise a book sale or give-away.

What on earth are they thinking???

That’s just it, they probably weren’t thinking.

My best guess is that a volunteer who didn’t know what he or she was doing chucked them in the bin.


trash from a dumpster