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Used Roll Off Containers

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used roll off containers
Is there a water proof, food safe glue or epoxy I could use on plastic and rubber?

I have some acrylic containers that hold dry foods/candies that the flap lids have broken off of. Getting new ones is not an option, so I wanted to know if I could glue them. I’ve tried Crazy Glue/Super Glue types of glue but they’re not water proof when hand washed. I also have some blender canister rubber lids that have the little clear plastic top piece that you can remove to pour stuff in as it blends. We don’t use this feature and a few of them no longer have the knobs that lock the cap into the lid. I wanted to glue these together so I don’t have to keep pulling appliances away from the wall to get the piece that falls out and rolls under. Again, these would be hand washable.

I bet if you check out your local toy store, they might have a child-safe glue there that might do you on this. It’s an interesting question.

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