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Used Roll Off Containers

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used roll off containers

What Are The Benefits of Using A Roll On Roll Off Skip?

A roll on roll off skip ranges between 20 and 40 cubic yards. It is a large container that can easily roll on or roll off from the back of a transport vehicle (lorry, wagon). It carries large volumes of waste and is typically used in shop-fitting or interior refurbishment projects that are characterized by bulky and light waste. Roll on roll off skips should not be filled with very heavy waste because then they might get too heavy to move around securely, and therefore may cause damage. These skips are also referred to as ROROs or rolonofs. Here are the benefits of using roll on roll off skips:

1. If you have a very large volume of waste that requires massive carrying facilities along with ease of operations, then you should choose a RORO skip. It can easily roll on to a truck, and easily roll off it, and efficiently hold large volumes of waste.

2. Some RORO skips feature doors (which are called tipper doors) and that makes it possible for them to unload without using any lifting gear.

3. Smaller skips do not feature end doors and so they cannot enable ground-level loading. This type of skip can enable ground level loading because it has end doors.

4. The longest RORO skips are used for plastics, glass, and other bulky yet light waste. They can also handle both greens like trees, bushes and construction debris with equal ease.

5. A RORO skip is ideal when a large amount of waste has to be moved in a short period of time.

6. RORO skip hiring companies are eco-conscious. They have begun to recycle waste so that our landfills are spared. So, when you do business with one, be assured that you are somehow contributing in the upkeep of our planet.

7. These large skips can handle entire office or store waste and thus simplify operations in just one go. If you hire smaller skips for removing the entire office waste then it can be cumbersome and make you lose precious time and money.

8. RORO skips can be locked and that means the waste is secured and will not harm people.

9. Loading and unloading a RORO skip is surprisingly easy. They do not require the fuss needed for loading or unloading smaller skips.

While these were the broad benefits of using roll on roll off skips, these skips can offer more benefits depending on the type of situation and the kind of waste required to be disposed. Remember, if you have to move an entire office or entire store’s waste, then do not waste time on hiring small or large skips – just go for a roll on roll off skip. Better still, talk to your skip hire company who will take you through the advantages and issues based on your actual location.

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Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For professional waste management services, plant hire and roll on roll off skip he recommends Nationwide Hire.

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