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waste dumpsters
How much does a dumpster generally cost?

I will need a dumpster in a few weeks from now for remodeling purposes. I have family and friends who are all telling me which companies to go to, but none of them can tell me what sort of price range that they cost.

under 100?
over 500?
They refuse to give me an answer +/- a few hundred.

So I’m a little irritated going into getting prices without any idea what a dumpster normally costs. Waste Management says 610 dollars for one dumpster for two weeks. Is this typical?

I don’t understand why the company cannot give you a firm quote for the dumpster. I get those numbers in a few minutes with them every time.

Here, a large roll-off construction dumpster is about 325.00 for the first one and less for each exchange. I get to keep it for 30 days. And we have Waste Management here too.

Your prices are going to vary based on where you live, whether you need a permit from the city and what size dumpster you need. Be aware that some municipalities restrict where you can put the thing and how long you can keep it there.

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