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Freak, stupid accident at first day at job; what to do?

My brother started a job as a delivery driver today, and a lose, rolling dumpster hit his bosses truck that he was driving. He drove down an alley behind businesses, when a large dumpster was obviously lose and started barreling down right into the truck while he was passing, causing noticeable damage to its side.
Instead of calling his boss, my brother kept going, because he was under time pressure for further deliveries. He also kind of was afraid and freaked, being the first day at the job. He meant to tell his boss about it at the end of the day, but didn’t. If his boss noticed the damage yet is unknown.
What should he explain his boss tomorrow, and furthermore, who will be responsible for the damage on the truck, the person that owns the dumpster or the waste disposal company, for not securing it from rolling downhill? Or could it already be too late to press charges, since he never stopped at the scene?

The best way to handle a bad situation at work is to report it immediately. Since he didn’t do that – he should do it first thing tomorrow. Just walk right up and tell him what happened (even though he probably already noticed the damage). Tell him you’re sorry you didn’t report it immediately, and if anything ever happens again, that is what you’ll do.

In terms of responsibility, if it can be established that the dumpster from the waste company rolled, then either the waste company or whomever had the dumpster on their property, should be responsible. It may be a bit harder to establish the day after, but it should not be that much harder.

Finally, your brother should relax. This kind of thing is a natural part of the delivery business. If he loses his job over it – that is out of his control. He should just relax because he did not do anything wrong (other than not reporting it right away – and fix that first thing).

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