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waste dumpsters
Why is it that recycling of all different types of materials is not mandatory?

Seperate all of the different materials as you throw them away. For people that live in apartment complexes you could have different dumpsters for each material. And for people that live in a house you could just set out the different bags. And have a different garbage truck for each type of waste to go through all of the neighborhoods and collect the waste.Also send out a list to each different home listing what is considered recyclable and what category the waste belongs to. This would also create a few more jobs.

Personally, I would love it, but its just not workable. The truth is that alot of recycling plans don’t work very well. Even though you save landfill space by recycling, there are some big energy costs to actually cleaning the stuff and recycling it. Sometimes, its a zero sum game. If everyone would bring their items to a plant, we would probably come out ahead. If you have to have different garbage trucks and crews and plants, you start using up more energy than you are saving. Its really a more complex issue than it appears. Lots of places that started recycling programs in the 80’s have actually gone the other way and discontinued their programs.

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