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Waste Dumpsters

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waste dumpsters
HGTV and Extreme Makeover & Flip This House–why do they waste/throw away all of those home components?

Is it just me? Much of the stuff they throw into a dumpster is as nice as what I think is “fine” in my home…and I can’t understand that level of wastefulness…at least they could donate the cabinets, fixtures, etc. to Habitat For Humanity or Goodwill or Salvation Army or SOMETHING…instead it goes into a landfill…they’re setting a very bad example. Do you notice this?

It’s inexcusable. In the rush to get more-and-more of these programs on the air quickly, they’ve neglected the bigger picture — that home improvement should go hand-in-hand with conservation in this age!

It’s bad enough that they are sending so much reusable material to the landfills, but that they don’t use solar panels, smart water heaters, or eco-friendly landscaping is heart breaking.

I think a boycott of these shows and their sponsors is long overdue.

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